Winter And Christmas Crafts For Kids Page 1

Wintery Tree Centerpiece

winter and christmas crafts for kids

What you’ll need:
Floral Foam
White Paint
Glitter or Glitter Gluewinter and christmas crafts for kids

Cover a brick of floral foam with aluminum foil (I love red holiday foil if you can find it!)

Select a stick

Paint it white

winter and christmas crafts for kids

Insert the stick into the foil covered foam so that it will stand up.   (You could paint the stick while it’s inserted into the foam, but you might get paint on the foil.  If you cover it with glue and glitter it’s no biggie.)

While the paint is still wet, cover the stick with glitter

Apply glue to any areas that need more glitter

Use glitter glue if desired

Place a little glue around the base of the tree and add white glitter as snow.


Once dry, this tree looks great with tiny ornaments added.  



Close up of the glitter.  We used “Diamond Dust” glitter, for an especially frosty and snowy look.  It’s hard to tell in the pix, but it sparkles like ice or diamonds.



Cork Stamp Snowman Snow Globe Oranament

cork snowman

you will need

Cut card stock into a circle

Use a cork and white paint to make a snowman, and snow at the bottom of the circle.

Use a Q-Tip or pencil eraser in white paint, to stamp small circles for falling snow.

Cut a square and long thin rectangle from black paper, for the hat.

Add eyes with marker or black paint.

Paint on an orange carrot nose with a toothpick.

Add buttons, arms, and a mouth if desired


Rice / Salt Snowflakes

We do a lot of art with salt at KidSPOT, so this time I wanted to try using rice!

Kids love pouring, and there’s a great sensory aspect to the project.  You’ll notice, they like to run their fingers through the tray after shaking the excess of their design.

At KidSPOT, the non-profit art center I run on Saturday’s we did this project with rice.

I painted several squares of mat board blue.



After the paint dried, I placed one of the boards into a tray and made a snowflake with 3 straight lines of glue, intersecting each other in the middle.



Then sprinkled on some rice.


Completely covered the glue with rice and waited about a minute…


Then shook off the excess rice.


When doing this with little kids, they like to feel the rice before dumping it back in the container.

The other day I did some projects with my friend’s daughters, and we did this one with salt.  They absolutely loved it!


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