What You MUST Look For, Besides Lumps, When Checking For Breast Cancer

Lesser Known, But Not Less Significant, Signs Of Breast Cancer

Listen up Ladies, this is really important.

The other day I was headed into my oncologist’s office for a check up, and it occurred to me, that before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the only thing I thought I was supposed to look for in a self exam was lumps.  After I was diagnosed, and I talked to many other women with breast cancer, I learned there’s a few more things to look for, and it’s really important that you know what they are, because a lot of doctors will actually dismiss them!

Please take a moment out of your busy day to watch this video.  I know it’s important, and not just to me, but it’s going viral on my Facebook Page, which tells me that other people think it’s important too.  Over 2,500 views, and 46 shares so far, and the comments I’m getting are thanking me for sharing this important information.  (Most of the comments are on my Personal Profile, which you can view HERE)
This could truly save a life, and your gynecologist or family doctor likely hasn’t told you this.  Mine didn’t.

Take care of yourselves Mamas, YOU are really important.


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