Water Filter Comparison – Looking For A Lead Water Filter

Water Filter Comparison

water filter comparison

water filter comparison, lead water filter,

All the recent news about what’s happening in Flint, Michigan has me thinking more about water filters.  I decided to do a water filter comparison the Brita filter (the one we used to use), PUR, and Shaklee’s Get Clean water pitcher.

First, most countertop pitcher style water filter systems do not remove lead.   According to Brita’s website, their countertop pitcher style filter removes only chlorine, copper, cadmium, and mercury.   I looked at the PUR website too.  On the home page, it says that PUR filters remove 99% of lead before it comes out of the faucet, which was obviously referring to the sink mount filter, but they were not so clear about what the pitcher style filters remove.  I had to click on individual styles, and download each owner’s manual to see what they remove.  The counter top pitcher-style filters do not remove lead.  I appreciated how much easier it was to get data from the Brita site.

Since I’m looking to replace our old countertop Brita pitcher, I wasn’t very interested in the faucet styles from Brita or PUR.  The faucet ones seem to remove more than their pitchers, but even the faucet one didn’t look like it removed as much as the Get Clean pitcher from Shaklee.


The following images came from the PUR and Brita websites.
First is a graphic from the Brita site, that shows what all of their products filter.  This was found on their home page.  I like that they make it easy to see what each product does.

water filter comparison. Does Brita filter lead?
Image credit: Brita.com


Next is a screen shot of the PDF I downloaded from PUR, showing what their pitcher filters out.  On the homepage I had to scroll down, then choose the type of product (faucet, pitcher, or replacements), then select the specific filter I wanted to get details about.  On the product page I searched for the manual.  I was hoping it would show details at that point, but I still had to click a download link, then open the download, and then search the tiny print to find the information in the upper corner.  I had to magnify the image several times to be able to read it.

If you’d like to see the rest of the owner’s manual, click on the photo below.

water filter comparison
Detail of the owner’s manual for PUR filter pitcher, found on their website PUR.com

Why did I give you all the details about searching for information on the PUR site?  I felt like their website was misleading, and it bothered me.  On their home page they say their filters remove 99% of lead, but they don’t specify which filters nor do they mention that some of the filters DON’T!  I had to dig to find the information I was looking for.  Most people aren’t going to do that.  Most people are going to see “99% of lead” on the front page and that’s going to stick in their minds.  They will feel like there’s no reason to look for any more information about it.

If I were to assume that the pitcher filter removes lead, then ordered it only to learn later that it doesn’t, I’d be furious!

PUR makes it much easier to find details about the sink mount filters.  I just had to click on the product, and there it was as part of the description.  I didn’t have to search for the manual, and then download it.  I assume they make it easier because it removes quite a bit more, and they want people to see that.

water filter comparison, does PUR filter lead?
Image is a screen shot of the filter details on the PUR website.

A faucet filter won’t fit my kitchen faucet though, so that was irrelevant for me.


lead water filter, water filter comparison, looking for a pitcher filter that will remove lead. I can't use a faucet filter with my nice kitchen faucet.

It’s cold today, hence the Wampa hat!  #StarWarsFan

Next I looked at the Get Clean pitcher from Shaklee.

It’s available as a starter pack, with the pitcher and one filter, or get a year’s worth of filters to save some money.

Right on the product page it states

“Get Clean® Water is a revolutionary new water pitcher filtration system certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to reduce up to 99% of lead —as well as dozens of other nasty contaminants that can turn up in your water and may be harmful to your health.”

While looking around on the site for other information I found this mp3 that explains their filters also work in other pitchers!  This is great news for me because we already have a Brita pitcher!  It’s pretty old, so I’ll check it for any hairline cracks, but being the #GreenMama that I am, I love the idea of not having to throw more plastic out!

To access the mp3 on the Shaklee site, click HERE (it’s the same as above).

The “green” features (like why they used coconut shell carbon to make the filters):

There are more mp3s, and other information available HERE, at water.mylittlevitaminshop.com

 How often should you change your water filter?

Like I said, I’m a green mama.  I’m not a fan of disposable things, so I want something to last as long as possible before I have to toss it out.  I looked at how often each of these filters needs to be changed:

Brita – “every 40 gallons or approximately every two months.”


does PUR filter lead? Water filter comparison
screen shot of the owner’s manual

Shaklee –

  • Get Clean®  Water refillable Filter Housing Kit (with 1 filter – 80 gallon capacity)

Each filter from Shaklee lasts twice as long as Brita and PUR!
Shaklee also filters lead, and the other two do not.

Since the filters last twice as long, and they remove a lot more contaminants, the clear choice for me is the Get Clean pitcher from Shaklee which is available HERE

The chart below shows what the different filters are certified to remove.  To enlarge it, click the image, then click again when it shows on the screen, and a large version will appear.  For a downloadable PDF click HERE: Water Filter Comparison Chart


water filter comparison, lead water filter, shaklee get clean water filter, shaklee water filter



Even though I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor, this was a legitimate comparison.  I felt I shouldn’t make a decision just based on the comparison chart from Shaklee.  That to be fair, and honestly compare the 3 brands, I needed to look at data from their websites, to be sure there wasn’t another type of filter for their water pitchers that would remove lead, that wasn’t included in the Shaklee chart.  But I looked through those sites, and downloaded multiple manuals from PUR, and none of the pitcher filters remove lead.

I also think it’s really neat that the Shaklee filters are made with coconut.

shaklee get clean water filter removes lead, water filter comparison

The Kits include either one filter plus the pitcher, or the pitcher plus 4 filters, for a savings of about $3.  I’m getting the latter.  It’s called Get Clean Year Of Water.  You can check it out HERE .

The filter system from Shaklee was more expensive than the other two, but would pay for itself in about a year, since the filters last twice as long.  It’s a no-brainer.






  1. says

    Thanks Rebecca! This is very helpful. We’ve often wondered about the pitcher style filters…we can’t attach a faucet filter to our faucet either (maybe we need a Wampa hat).

  2. Mary Jessen says

    Thank you for sharing all this great information!!
    Would you email me a copy to share?
    Love all your charts!
    Thank you!!

  3. Julie pope says

    Thank you so much for clearing this up for me. I,too, am a Shaklee distributor but wanting to save money was comparing Brita and Pur for their filters. I was throughly confused but you answered my concerns. Shaklee it is!! I have one and love it but was ready for new filters and wanted to save money. You get what you pay for!! Thanks again for all your research

    • Rebecca says

      I completely understand your skepticism, but I try my best to do the research needed, and post accurate information. I post about the things we use in our home, so you’ll find I mention products that aren’t associated with Shaklee and that I am in no way associate with, in addition to the products I sell. I write about what I love!
      Thank you for telling me what you found on WQA. I can’t find that information though. I did the advanced search, for PUR / filter/ lead and there were no results. So I tried with the parent company, KAZ, and still no results… which makes me think I might be using it incorrectly, because at least the faucet filters should have shown up!
      I went back to the PUR site, because they could have changed the products since I wrote this post. They didn’t have a chart that was easy to view, showing which products removed which contaminants (Jeez, I with they’d do that!) so I clicked though every single counter pitcher to view what it was certified to remove, and none of them said “lead”. As far as I could tell, only the faucet filters still remove lead.
      If you see this reply, and you’re able to help me with the WQA site, please tell me how you searched so I know what I’m doing wrong.
      Thanks so much!

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