Toddler Drive-In Movie At The Library

Our local library is awesome!  They have some really great programs for the kids over the summer.  Fun stuff like Owl Pellets, music shows, and a lesson about dinosaurs!

But my favorite was The Toddler Drive-In Movie!

Oh my gosh, it was so cute and so much fun! The kids (and enthusiastic parents) made super cool Box Cars.. out of Boxes!!

 Toddler Drive-In Movie At The LibraryPaper plate wheels, plastic cup headlights, CD steering wheels, stickers, paper decorations, sparkling decorations.. whatever they could get their hands on!

Toddler Drive-In Movie At The LibraryAfter all of this fun, the librarian broke out the popcorn and boxed drinks (no boxed wine for Mama though) then started the show. My oldest, who had recently been traumatized when I dragged him to a showing of Monsters University, asked if it was going to be a monster movie (that would be bad) or Star Wars (his favorite).  Made me giggle… like he thinks there’s only two kinds of movies.

And, as if this all wasn’t awesome enough, it got even better when a friend tipped me off that I needed to pick up a copy of our local paper…

Boys In The PaperI bought three copies!!

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