Healthy Halloween Treat : Pumpkin Pancakes

jack o pancakes | pumpkin pancakes | gluten free

How could I NOT make pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for the school Halloween Party?

Some of the kids in school are on gluten free diets so I started with this mix.  It’s made with brown rice flour instead of white rice or potato, which have a much higher glycemic load.  These are really good as buckwheat pancakes too, but since these were for little kids I figured I should do something light and fluffy.  This mix is perfect!Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes | Jack-o-lantern pancakes

Coconut oil is a really healthy alternative to regular vegetable oil (the mix calls for 3 TBS veg oil).  Coconut oil is great for brain health!  I also use it to grease the pan.

tropical traditions expeller pressed coconut oil | tropical traditions coconut oil

I generally add 1/2 to 1 whole can of pumpkin, depending on how big a batch I’m making.  For this, I followed the instructions for 22 servings and added one can.  The pumpkin makes them a festive orange, no need for any chemical food dyes!

halloween pumpkin pancakes | pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes

For a small pancake, a melon baller size scoop is perfect.


Use pretzel pieces for stems (these are Glutino gluten free pretzels)

Jack o lantern pumpkin pancakes

And semi sweet chocolate chips for faces.

A couple of these guys are unhappy because I squished them!

Halloween pancakes | pumpkin pancakes | pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes | healthy halloween treat

Happy faces cooling off =)
Mmmmmm… Pumpkin Pancakes!

halloween pancakes | pumpkin pancakes | jack-o-lantern pancakes | healthy halloween treat

I’m so excited to share these with the kids at school tomorrow!!

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