Paper Plate Jellyfish Puppet : Under the Sea Summer Craft for Kids

Paper plate jellyfish puppet under the sea summer craft for kids

jellyfish puppet under the sea craft for kids

You have likely seen this jellyfish puppet video on Facebook.  It has over 8 million views!

How adorable!  I wanted to duplicate this craft for an art camp, and also for a larger group of kids who wouldn’t have very much drying time, so I figured out a great way to cheat a little bit 

Here’s how we made our Jellyfish puppet craft:

large jellyfish puppet craftFor art camp, I had 9 campers, age 4-6.  What’s nice about camp, or doing this at home, is you have plenty of drying time, so painting a paper plate isn’t a problem.

First I had the campers paint their plates while I cut the half-circle jellyfish shapes from cereal boxes.  Since the cereal boxes were light brown, we did a base coat of white paint and allowed the plates and cardboard to dry while we worked on another craft.
Once those items were dry, campers painted the front of their jellyfish bodies with a mix of white, pink, and purple paint.  I showed them how to swirl the paint to get texture and dimension.  Once they dried we attached strips of curling ribbon, using regular Elmer’s glue, to the back of the jellies, and googly eyes to the front.  I added large popsicle sticks with a glue gun, and cut slits into the paper plates with an x-acto.  Then we taped them up on our sea wall and played with them!

Here’s a few of them:under the sea craft for kids jellyfish puppet paper plate

Those were the full size version, like she showed in the video.  But for the non-profit art center I run on Saturdays (KidSPOT) we needed to do a version that would dry faster because kids come in, make some crafts, then take them home.  I happened to have some small blue paper plates, so I decided we should make a mini version of the paper plate jellyfish puppets (because the plates were small).

under the sea craft for kids jellyfish puppet paper plate

I pre-traced and cut about 20 little jellyfish bodies from a plain white paper plate.  Card stock would work well too, or even a cracker box or some sort of food box that happens to be white on the inside, to eliminate the need for a base coat of paint.

under the sea craft for kids jellyfish puppet paper plate

I set out trays of paint, with 3 – 5 colors in each tray.  All of the trays had white paint, to help give the jellyfish a translucent look.

There was also an assortment of yarn.  I wanted to use yarn instead of curling ribbon this time, because we had some really cool white yarn with a lot of fuzzy texture, and it looked like jellyfish tentacles to me!  Some jellyfish have color and texture variations in their tentacles, so I chose a variety of yarns to use.

under the sea craft for kids jellyfish puppet paper plate

Do to our limited drying time, I had kids line up their pieces of yarn on a small piece of cardboard (cereal box), then I applied hot glue over the yarn, then pressed their jellyfish onto the yarn tentacles and flipped the jelly over to add a regular sized popsicle stick to the small piece of cardboard with hot glue.

under the sea craft for kids jellyfish puppet paper plate

Kids added their eyes, then inserted their jellyfish puppets into the blue paper plates.

jellyfish puppet mini with plate

Some kids trimmed their jellyfish tentacles, other kids chose to leave them super long like mine.

Kids and grownups all enjoyed this jellyfish craft!

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