Spring Cleaning, Multiple Sclerosis & The Dramatic Improvement Using Supplements For The Last 2 Years

Spring Cleaning & Multiple Sclerosis


I’ve been battling MS since 1998. In 2006 I started acupuncture, as my first exploration into natural treatment options.  That went so well I’ve been trying other things over the years.  As of September 2013 I am off all my MS meds and managing symptoms entirely with supplements.

Yesterday I decided to gut the boys room, meaning move ALL the furniture, clean the floor and base boards, vacuum the rugs, move the bed / dresser / 2 book shelves (HEAVY!) and a toy shelf. Went through all their clothes, got rid of old stuff, brought in new and totally organized the wardrobe and dresser. By 9:30 pm I’d started going through all the books, and got too tired to continue.

living with multiple sclerosis, spring cleaning while battling MS,
Lots and lots and lots of books. Stacks of books being sorted on the bed and all over the floor! The worst part of this chore was all the up and down from the floor. Oh, my knees!
spring cleaning | multiple sclerosis | treating MS naturally | natural treatment options for multiple sclerosis
Having a little rest on the floor, in front of the nicely organized books.

Today I finished organizing the books, and started bringing in art work I’ve been wanting to hang in here! Still organizing the few toys they have in here (so the room is still messy and therefore there aren’t any full room pix yet) and we’re going to totally rearrange all the artwork that’s in here, plus hang some more.   I am sooooo excited to finally get this Spider-Man lithograph hung over the boys’ bed!  (Most of our artwork has been in storage while we demolished/restored/renovated our early 19th century home.)

Spider-Man lithograph, signed by Stan Lee | Spring cleaning with multiple sclerosis, battling treating ms naturally, natural treatment options for ms
Spider-Man lithograph, signed by Stan Lee!!!

I. Am. Beat!
But soooo grateful that I’m still walking!

Two years ago I tried to do spring cleaning.  A good friend came over to help. We worked for 4 solid hours. By the end I was in agony and unable to walk. I was in bed by 7pm and stayed there until the following evening! Nerve pain, fatigue and weakness had all set in. This time around I was a little stiff last night and my joints bothered me, but no nerve pain and I had no difficulty getting around…13178555_10154278295068319_8280276044203661226_n

… In fact, I did a couple of laps around the house to get my last few hundred steps in so I could hit my 10k goal!


What’s difference between now and two years ago?  The only thing I can think is that for the last 2 years I’ve been on a regimen of Shaklee vitamins. For some reason, since I started those, I’ve been able to DO MORE. I’m a better mom, more active, and have more energy… I even sleep better! And it’s so fun that my Fitbit watch tracks my sleep!  I’ve had even more benefit with supplements than I had with acupuncture and diet modification.

I’ve written about my current MS treatment regimen HERE

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