Modern Art Inspired Christmas Tree Ornament Project For Kids

tissue tree

Christmas Project For Kids: Modern Art Inspired Tree Ornamentstissue tree two

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I am in love with this ornament!  In person, the foil shines through the tissue and it’s just gorgeous.  Have fun making this with your kiddos!

Items needed:
Mod Podge (or glue that dries clear)
Cardboard, cut into a triangle
Tissue, cut into small pieces

Not Shown:
Paint brush or
Foam applicator brush
Hole Punch
Wire (Paper clips, or other wire, for hanging the ornament)
Aluminium Foil

tissue trees


Cut your cardboard into a triangle.  The angles and size are completely up to you.  cardboard

Wrap foil around the cardboard triangle.  Punch a hole through the foil and cardboard, at the top.

Apply a thin, even layer of mod podge.

Lay small pieces of tissue on, in a single layer.  Allowing overlap will create a beautiful effect!

Wrap excess tissue around the triangle.

Add sparkles and sequins with glue, if desired.  Some of my tissue had glitter in it, so I opted not to do sequins.

Poke wire through the hole, piercing the tissue, to hang.
tissue tree

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