Melted Crayon Hearts, Printable Valentines For Kids

For the past few Valentine’s, We’ve been making what we call “Super Crayons”, in the shape of hearts, for our Valentine’s gifts to pass out in school.  I love making these melted crayon hearts with my kids!  It’s easy for them to help with tearing  off the paper and breaking the crayons into pieces.

melted crayon hearts valentines for kids

How to make Melted Crayon Hearts

We originally found this idea on Pinterest, with this  set of instruction pics, but there’s no need to mess up a good knife!  Let your kids break the crayons, once the paper is removed.

melted heart crayons

Like the Valentine Cards in the photo, I was hand writing all the cards for my kids’ friends.  But it was tedious, and I felt the cards would look better, and would be a whole lot easier, if I made something on picmonkey, to print onto colored card stock.

melted crayon hearts valentines for kids

If you like this idea, you can download the Valentines I made my kids HERE (I removed their names, so you will be able to personalize them for your kids.)

melted crayon hearts valentines for kids

For these crayon hearts, we separated the crayons into groups of like-colors.  It’s fun to do them this way, or combine a whole bunch of color, like in the example from Pinterest.

melted crayon hearts valentines for kids


melted crayon hearts valentines for kids


After you remove the paper and break the crayons into pieces, fill a heart shaped mold like this one.  Be sure to get a heat resistant silicone mold that can go in the oven or microwave.   You can put them in the oven at 230° for 15-20 minutes (check them at 10, then at 15) or in the microwave at 40% power for 15 minutes (check them at 10, if they still look very solid, increase the power to 60%).   I prefer to do them very slowly, at a lower power, in order to avoid them boiling over.

The one in the photo is the kind we’ve been using for years, it was purchased HERE.  Once it’s been used for crayons, I don’t recommend using it for food or making ice cubes, but it’s still good for clay, play-doh, or Kinetic Sand
Heat resistant silicone heart mold for melted heart crayons


After we did the melted crayon hearts for Arthur, I designed something new for my 7 year old, Cannon.  He’s in 2nd grade now, and most of his classmates received melted crayon hearts from him last year.  I made these on Picmonkey and printed them on colored card stock at the same time I printed Arthur’s.


Cannon valentine image with logo


I left room for a heart sticker on the robot and monster ones, and that helped my little guy feel like he was more involved in creating them.

If you like these, they are available on the same download as the melted crayon hearts card.

The free download is available HERE

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