Science Art Craft For Kids: Matisse Style Prints Du Soleil

This is a fantastic project for teaching kids about dispersement.


Prints Du Soleil: Using the sun to make art… but not in the way you’d expect!

Materials Needed:  (referral links provided for convenience)

White porous paper (some types of painting paper, such as finger painting paper, has a coating that won’t work for this project)
Sponge brushes
Bowl of water
Liquid water color
Black construction paper
Spray bottles (optional)
Eye dropper (optional)
Squeeze bottles (optional)

Step 1:  cut several shapes from the black construction paper, and set asideIMG_3529

Step 2:  wet the entire sheet of white paper, using a foam brush


Step 3:  apply a layer of one color of water colorIMG_3525

Step 4:  using the water color bottles, eye droppers, spray bottles, and squeeze bottles drop and spritz other colors onto your paper


You should have a big, colorful mess!


Step 5: dip each black paper shape into your bowl of water…


…and place onto the painted paper


Press and smooth out air pockets and wrinkles


Step 6:  set in a sunny window, or outside if it’s not windy, to dry


May also leave overnight, under good light


When dry, remove the black shapes to reveal the pale areas underneath.


You’d think the areas underneath would be darker.  That the sun would fade the other areas that weren’t covered by the black paper.  But…


… the areas not covered by black paper will dry faster.  The wet areas of water will then travel to the dry areas, causing the pigment to disperse.

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