Managing Multiple Sclerosis Holistically Part 1

Lately, the most common thing I’m getting asked about is multiple sclerosis & treating it naturally. I’ve even been getting messages, even from strangers who saw a couple of things I’ve posted on Facebook! So, instead of spending tons of time responding to each individual, I’m creating a video series that will hopefully answer all of the questions. Today I’ve posted the first video on the blog, a short introduction to managing MS holistically. A lot of what I do can be applied to many other chronic and autoimmune diseases, so hopefully this video series will help a lot of people.


This video is an introduction to how I manage my Multiple Sclerosis.

It would be way too long if I went into detail about everything I do, so I just wanted to highlight each element, and then stay tuned for more videos that go into more detail about nutritional supplements and other alternative therapies.


I should mention, when we got all the cleaning products out of the house my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms improved dramatically. MS flares can be triggered by allergies, and common allergens and other harsh asthma inducing chemicals in cleaning products can certainly aggravate MS.


Now, don’t think I don’t clean my house cuz I do!  I just use vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, a couple of essential oils and a toxin free mouthwash that’s loaded with natural antimicrobials, perfect for wiping down the toilets.

Fighting fibromyalgia, lupus or similar autoimmune disease? Lyme disease? Cancer? Get those household cleaning products out of your house. Please.

“Live Long & Prosper”
~ Rebecca

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