DIY Natural Weed Killer (For Less Than $4 A Gallon)

Using 3 ingredients that are probably in your house, you can make a really effective weed killer.  This mix works particularly well on prickly thistles and poison ivy.

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DIY Weed Killer For $3.13 a Gallon!

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We get thistles that are really sharp with prickly thorns and this mix softens even the largest ones so I can pull them with my bare hands.  Spray, wait about an hour, then pull.  I was able to completely kill some poison ivy growing on the tree where the boys have a swing, with just 3 applications.  I never needed to touch it and risk getting itchy!  I check periodically to make sure it hasn’t come back, and so far, after 2 full months, there’s still no ivy.

Hearty weeds, the kind with long strong roots, may need 2 or 3 applications.  But most weeds only require one.  Spray, wait 24 hours, then check, and you’ll likely find a lot of dead, brown weeds.   For thistles, I wait about an hour.  They usually keep the same vibrant green color, but wilt enough to soften the thorns, making them easy to pull without gloves.

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1 Gallon Vinegar ($2.00)
1 Cup Salt (I found it at Walmart for $2.34 / 26oz.  At that price, 1 cup = 87¢)
1 TBS non-toxic, biodegradable liquid dish soap (mine is $8.10 for 16 fl oz.  At that price, 1 TBS = 26¢)
1.5 tsp Basic H2 organic cleaning concentrate (20¢)

Total:  $3.07 – 3.13

I’ve used both the dish soap, and the Basic H2 and they both work great.  Advantage to BH2 is that it’s organic and more concentrated so you need less of it.



Heat the vinegar on your stove and dissolve the salt into it.  Turn off the heat, allow to cool, then add the dish soap or Basic H.  Pour into a spray bottle or weed sprayer.


How it works:

Both the salt and the vinegar dehydrate plants by drawing moisture out of the leaves.  The dish soap helps to stick the vinegar and salt to the weed leaves.  Salt can damage soil so use caution in your vegetable garden, and apply this mix directly to the leaves and base of the plants you want to kill.

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