How To Make Natural Germ Wipes

DIY Natural Germ Wipes
Better For The Environment, Your Family’s Health, And Your Wallet!

how to make natural germ wipes

I love the convenience of wipes for cleaning.  I have a container of germ wipes on the back of every toilet in the house, because it’s quicker and easier than running all the way to the cleaning cupboard to get the germ spray and a rag.  I have two little boys… the toilet seats, outside of the bowl, the floor around the toilet, and even the handles need to be wiped OFTEN.

We don’t use Lysol or Clorox wipes, I prefer to make my own with a natural germicide concentrate from Shaklee.

Why are my wipes better than the ones from the store?
• No asthma inducing fumes
• They don’t dry out my hands like those other wipes used to do, before I detoxed the house
• So cheap to make!
• Great way to reuse / recycle an empty shake container

items needed for germ wipes

You’re going to need:
• Basic G, the concentrated, natural germicide from Shaklee
• An empty canister (protein shake containers work great!)
• One roll of paper towels
• Serrated knife, or a small hacksaw
• A container for combining the concentrate with water.  Something easy to pour.  I prefer the spray bottle of diluted Basic G we use in the house for every day germ killing, and cleaning up after our rescue dog has one of his “accidents” in the house.  Then, if there’s any left over from making the wipes, I’ve already got it in the bottle.



Cut your roll of paper towels in half, and remove the cardboard tube.

Force the towels, without the tube, into the canister.  If it’s too big, remove sheets until it’s about the same size as the container, then squeeze the roll of towels and cram them in there, so they fit snuggly in the canister.

Dilute Basic G, 3/8th of a teaspoon in 16 oz (2 cups) of water.  It costs me only 4¢ to make a 16oz spray bottle of germ killer.  I’ve had my bottle of concentrate for over a year, and it’s not even half gone… not even close!

The size of your canister, and amount of paper towels needed to fill it, will determine how much diluted germ killer you need.  Start by pouring 1/2 of the mixture over the paper towel roll in the canister.  Allow liquid to soak into the paper, then add more if needed.  I like to let it sit, then tip the canister as if I’m going to pour liquid out, to see if there’s any excess.  If there isn’t, I’ll add a few more ounces, and let it penetrate.  I’m happy when there’s just a tiny bit of excess liquid in the canister.

Pull out wipes from the inside of the roll.  They pop right up, just like tissues!

My shake canister is nearly the size of a mega roll of paper towels, so I was able to make a pretty large container of wipes.  I used roughly 13 ounces of diluted Basic G.  So, almost 4¢ worth of germicide.

Yeah, but do they work?

germ wipes kill sars mrsa

In laboratory tests, Shaklee’s natural germicide, Basic G was even more effective than bleach at killing certain pathogens and mold.  It is approved for use in public schools, in many states, as an alternative to bleach.   Bleach has been linked to numerous health and environmental issues, and is recommended not to be used in homes with kids.  The issue isn’t just that a child might swallow it, but even “passive exposure” can affect a child’s health negatively.

say no to bleach

I have a printable sheet showing the pathogens Basic G was shown to kill in laboratory tests.  You can get that sheet HERE:  BasicGPathogen


The other thing I found impressive about Basic G vs Lysol or Bleach, was that it continues to prohibit bacterial growth on cleaned surfaces for 3 days.  Bleach and Lysol disinfectant inhibit growth for only one hour after cleaning a surface.  Click HERE for comparison data:  Basic G vsBleach-Lysol-2

Enjoy saving money and breathing easier with these natural wipes!

Where to buy:
Click HERE to purchase Basic G Concentrate from Shaklee

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  1. Terry Lynn says

    Thanks for the great suggestion, plan on mixing up today. We let ya know how I love it (cause sure I will :)

    • Rebecca says

      You can do this with Basic H too, but keep those canisters in the fridge. BH2 doesn’t kill mold like G does 😉

    • Rebecca says

      You can do it with Basic H too, but keep those canisters in the fridge. BH2 doesn’t kill mold like G does.

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