Kill Mold Without Bleach

Kill Mold Safely And Naturally Without Bleach And Other Harsh Chemicals

I love a clean shower, who doesn’t?  But I wanted a way to get rid of shower mold naturally , without harsh chemicals.   It seemed like every single time I cleaned my shower my hands would smell like cleaning products, or bleach and they always felt slimy.  Even if I showered immediately after cleaning, I was still very much aware of that lingering smell.  It drove me completely bonkers!  You can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned that Clove Oil KILLS MOLD!

Now that I’ve done tons of research on traditional cleaning products I’ve learned that bleach doesn’t actually kill mold, it just makes it white.  The roots are still there.  That didn’t even matter to me, really.. finding an alternative to a harsh chemical that I hated the smell of (and found it difficult to breathe while using) MADE MY DAY =)  So, I tried it.

My shower has white tile with white grout so mildew growing in there is an eye sore.

Kill mold without bleach

I filled up a spray bottle with water and just 5 drops of oil.  I generously sprayed the grout, all the edges and corners, and misted the shower walls.  Then I waited….

Kill mold without bleach

I let it sit for about 24 hours so that the clove oil could penetrate and get to work killing the mold.  Then I scrubbed it with my little cleaning brush and…

kill mold safely without toxic chemicalsIt totally worked!  It is the BEST way I’ve found to get rid of shower mold naturally! This pic is REALLY close up and I took it while I was still scrubbing.  You can see how white the grout is getting!  All the mildew washed away after I scrubbed.  Now I just mist the floor and corners with the spray after each shower to inhibit mold growth.  This is SO AWESOME!  No difficulty breathing in noxious bleach fumes, it just smells great!  Easy Peasy =D

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