Kale Detox Juice Recipe That Provides Cold Relief And May Flush Belly Fat

Kale Detox Juice

 By Rebecca Heriz

 This is my go-to juice recipe whenever I’m feeling like crap.  Whether it’s a cold, or bloating, or super low energy.  This is like a mini-reset!  Try it for a boost of energy, mental clarity, or to relieve stuffed up sinuses.  This recipe is loaded with Vitamin C and capsaicin, which relieves congestion.

detox juice kale

Step 1:  Feed 2 handfuls of kale and 1 lemon into your juicer

detox kale juice

Follow with 4 sticks of celery, and pour 1-2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass

Kale juice detox, braggs acv apple cider vinegar

Kick a cold to the curb with this sinus buster:  Cayenne Pepper!

Adding cayenne to soup, tea or even a fresh green juice blend will allow its active ingredient, capsaicin, to help thin the built-up mucous in your nasal passages.

detox cayenne organic cayenne pepper

Add a dash or two of cayenne to your glass of ACV

detox juice 5

then pour your celery and kale juice over the ACV and pepper.

detox juice 4

Bottoms up!

detox juice 2

Recipe recap:
2 handfuls kale
4 sticks of celery
1 lemon
1-2 TBS ACVDash of cayenne pepper


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    This seems like a great recipe. I’ve put a pinch of cheyenne pepper in tomato juice and used that to help with a cold in the past. It never occurred to me to try it with kale juice and apple cider vinegar though. I’ll bookmark this recipe and give it a try.

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