How To Clean Tile Grout Without Bleach

I received a text from my big sister recently, “HELP!  How do I clean tile grout without bleach?” she asked.

Easy peasy!  I quickly replied to her with the instructions and she was off to try it.

About a week later I got a reply from that it worked great!  Now she’s got sparkling clean grout in her kitchen, and she still loves me… tee hee.

How to clean tile grout without bleach. Kill mold without bleach.

Here’s a Before and After of my shower floor.  I use 2 ingredients, that are found in most houses.  My sister didn’t have one and had to go get it, but I’m betting it was less than $2 for the whole bottle.

I’ll show you step by step how I cleaned this grout, in the video below.  It’s also how I clean our white ceramic kitchen sink.  Even when it got rust stains in it from a can that was left overnight!  It works great and it’s very easy.  If it seems time consuming in the video, that’s because I was going slow for demonstration purposes.  In my shower, I usually do it after a shower, leave it, and rinse the next time I shower.. maybe once a week.  For the kitchen sink I’ll set it up one night before I go to bed and leave it overnight, then rinse away in the morning.  It takes time, but I’m not doing the work.. the ingredients are!  This is the perfect cleaning recipe for a busy Mom 😉

How To Clean Tile Grout Without Bleach

After you try this, be sure to let me know in the comments how it works for you!


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    • Rebecca says

      I would assume it’s fine for colored grout, but I’d do a test spot first and only leave the peroxide paste on for 20 minutes, just in case. For white grout I can leave it overnight, then rinse it away with my next shower.
      Peroxide kills mold. Try the paste and leave it overnight. Add more peroxide the next day to keep the paste moist. If it can make its way under the caulk it may work. But I think you’ll prob end up recaulking. Worth trying though!

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