How To Find Natural Hair Dye

How To Find Natural, Safe, Non-Toxic Hair Dye

One of the questions I get asked often, Facebook Page and in real life, is if I’ve found safe, non toxic, natural hair dye.
I don’t actually dye my hair (yet) but I did do some research for everyone who’s looking for good, safe hair dye.  Below are the top toxin free dyes, based on toxicity rating, availability, and customer rating.  In the video, I explain how I found them, so be sure to watch it to the end.


light mountain natural hair color, non toxic hair dye

  • Light Mountain received a toxicity rating of Zero (the safest) from
  • Complete all natural hair color and conditions program
  • Recommended by safe shoppers bible. Non-carcinogenic.

Click HERE to see all of the shades available from Light Mountain



Sante herbal hair color, non toxic natural hair dye

Sante natural hair color

Click HERE for the available colors


lagona herbal hair color where to buy non toxic hair dye

Logona received a toxicity rating of 2.  Logona contains “fragrance”.  Without knowing what type of fragrance they use, EWG must give the ubiquitous ingredient a poor rating.  It has been my experience, that when companies make natural products, they usually use natural fragrance.  If you are concerned, contact the company to ask what their fragrance is, and if they use phthalates.

Click HERE to purchase Logona hair products.


You can follow the same process I mentioned in the video to find more brands of safe hair color, as well as makeup and other skincare and cosmetics.  You can also use the same resource to look up the products you are already using.


Stay safe!






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DISCLAIMER:  I do not sell or use hair color.  My recommendations here are based solely on ingredient analysis, toxicity rating, and availability on Amazon.  I do receive a very small commission from Amazon (I mean tiny, like pennies) for linking to products on their site.   

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