Homemade Deodorant That Really Works, Even In The Hot Desert Sun!

This Homemade Deodorant Really Works.. Even In The Hot Desert Sun!

I had a mastectomy in June and my armpit was killing me after the surgery.  With it being so tender I was scared to use deodorant.. even my safe, non-toxic, aluminum & paraben-free ones.  I’d heard about making toxin-free deodorant and figured now was the time to give it a try.  There’s only 3 ingredients (4 if you add essential oil): coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot powder.  I felt confident that none of those ingredients would irritate my tender pit, but if you have very sensitive skin, replace the baking soda with equal amount of arrowroot powder just in case.  Happily, I didn’t have any negative reactions to it.

I made a batch and added tea tree oil because it is an anti-fungal.  I had a hard time lifting, or even moving my arm after surgery so I was worried some kind of fungal weirdness might happen in that pit, so tea tree made sense!  I had no idea if it was going to work well, but since I wasn’t doing any exercising it was a good time to try it.      

How To Make Homemade Deodorant
•Recipe And Instructions•

Homemade Toxin-Free Deodorant Recipe

(Print this recipe HERE: homemade-deodorant-printable)

It’s going to look like this..

Ingredients For Homemade Deodorant (That Really Works) Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder. + Essential Oil If Desired
Ingredients For Homemade Deodorant (That Really Works) Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder. + Essential Oil If Desired

At this point I separate it into two little glass jars, then add a few drops of essential oil.  If you divide before adding essential oil you can do two different scents.
Homemade deodorant in a litte jar, perfect for traveling

It didn’t bother my skin, or irritate the tenderness from surgery, so I was happy.  And, seemed to work even better than my other safe deodorants!

Ok, So Here’s The True Test… Would It Work In The Hot Desert Sun?

Due to surgery I missed my niece’s wedding in Utah (frowny face) so I decided to go once I’d recovered enough, to see family and have fun while continuing to recover.  So in August, the HOTTEST month of the year, I packed up my stuff, and the kids, and took a train from DC to Salt Lake to stay with my sister.  My other sister came from New Mexico and the FUN began!!

Photo From www.ogdennaturecenter.org

First up… The Nature Center!

This place is great, and I would have had a really good time except it was way too darn hot!  I wasn’t thinking about doing a deodorant blog post so I didn’t take any pictures of my armpits or anything to show you the deodorant was working great.  But, my family never complained that I was stinky, and I never felt sticky and didn’t notice any foul pit odor like when traditional antiperspirant fails.  Ogden Nature Center

Utah is a desert, and that coupled with the high elevation make the sun brutal on a hot summer day, it was in the 90s.. ugh.  In the shade it was ok but we had to walk… and walk… and it was sunny.

Ogden Nature Center, putting homemade deodorant to the test.

We had fun. And I hid in the shade whenever I could.. like under these stairs.

Putting my homemade deodorant to the test at the Ogden Nature Center

Grateful this turtle wanted to hang out in the shade too!

Ogden Nature Center

There was a really cool exhibit of bird houses made by local kids.. those photos will be in another post soon to come!  At the end of the day I mentioned to one of my sisters that the homemade deodorant had held up really well.  No need to reapply, no odor, very absorbent.  This stuff works better than any other antiperspirant or deodorant I’ve ever used.  And, it costs a lot less.. under $2.00 a batch!   I’m still using my first mini jar, so under $1 for over 3 months worth!  If you’d like more step by step instructions, check out the WhiteHouseBlackShutters post, same recipe.

If you’re looking for deodorant without parabens and aluminum I highly recommend trying this recipe.  But if you’re just not up to it, or extremely skeptical about homemade deodorant, here’s some tips for finding a good, natural, toxin free one.
1. Get a roll-on.  For some reason, most, if not all solids end up feeling sticky.
2. Check ingredients!  Even if it says “aluminum free” on the bottle it could still contain other cancer causing toxic ingredients.  If you’re unsure, look it up on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database 
3. I’ve tried TONS of them.  My favorites are from Sisel International and Tropical Traditions.  Sisel – guaranteed safe, free of carcinogens and other harmful toxins.  Every purchase earns a 20% rebate towards your next purchase.   Sisel’s is very gentle and the scent is neutral but my husband thinks it’s not masculine enough for him.  I dust it with a little baking soda to make it work even better.  Tropical Traditions – made from a coconut oil base, look for free shipping codes on the HOME PAGE, then choose Skin Care.  Frankincense is my favorite.   Both of these need reapplication if you need to get a second day out of them, and I usually clean with an alcohol wipe before reapplying.

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