Healthy Recipe – Easy Beef Stroganoff With Hidden Vegetables

Healthy Recipe – Easy Beef Stroganoff with hidden VegetablesHealthy Recipe - Easy Beef Stroganoff With Hidden VegetablesMeet Mr. Picky.  This is my 4 yr old, Arthur.  He is the most finicky eater I know.  As soon as he sees my making something in the kitchen, before he even knows what it is, he says “I don’t like that anymore”.  *sigh*  But there are a fewthings he likes, and my Healthy Beef Stroganoff is one of them.  YAY!

Healthy Recipe – Easy Beef Stroganoff

This is easy to make gluten free.  I prefer the millet pasta noodles, but they can be hard to find, so really, any GF noodles will do.  Use your favorite.  And if you don’t need it to be gluten free, then just use your favorite pasta noodles!

I like to add hidden vegetables to any dish that uses ground beef.  I puree 4 or more cups of raw vegetables, almost anything in the fridge, and add the mix to the browning ground beef.  The veggies will absorb the flavor of the beef, and will also stretch the meat so it seems like there’s more!  Very frugal tip I learned from my Mom.

For this dish I pureed 2 carrots, a large handful of kale, 1 celery stalk, and 1 onion.  You could use cabbage, more onion, mushrooms, spinach, or grated potatoes.  This is a great opportunity to eat a rainbow of fresh veg!

In the end, you want a 50/50 mix of veg and beef… if your Littles HATE veggies, then do more of a 30/70 mix and get them used to the change gradually.  All the flavor of this stroganoff really hides the taste of the veggies though.  *wink*

Healthy Recipe - Easy Beef Stroganoff With Hidden VegetablesTo make this easy recipe, brown 1 lb ground beef with pureed veggies, and cook up 1 and a half boxes of your favorite pasta noodles (in a BIG pot).  Drain them, then combine the beef and noodles in the big pot with 8 oz sour cream, one chopped onion (I mostly puree the onion because I’ve got a 6 yr old who won’t eat onion if he can see it.. but I leave some big chunks for Papa and me), and one jar or can of tomato paste (7 or 8 oz).  I prefer tomato paste from glass jars because the acid in tomatoes breaks down the BPA in plastic liners in cans.  They have the glass jars on Amazon HERE, or at your local health food store.
Add salt, serve & enjoy!

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