Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad


Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad

This is a favorite at our house.  So easy, and a perfect dish to bring to a halloween party!

Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad

This is one of my favorite things to bring to a Halloween party. We use a gluten free pasta, carrots, broccoli, cheddar cheese and zucchini. Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower and snow peas all work well too.  Cook pasta according to package directions and add food coloring to the pasta water, or stir in coloring after draining the noodles.

Click HERE for our updated dye free version, made with squid ink pasta for a naturally spooky color.

Drain pasta and toss with veggies in Italian dressing.  You want just enough dressing to coat the pasta and veggies so they don’t stick.  Add more if needed for flavor.

Click HERE for the Winter Holiday Version
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Please share any additional ideas for this salad in the comments!  I’d LOVE to know what creative twist you give it.

 * Food coloring – I like using natural food based dyes from my local health food store.  Chemical dyes have been linked to numerous health issues.  You can get natural food dyes online, or do a search for homemade food coloring.  You can purchase squid ink or squid ink pasta, it’s really black!

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  1. Michelle says

    This is super cute! I am going to make it for a halloween party this weekend. Tell me – how did you “carve” the faces into the zucchini? Also, did you cook the zucchini at all before tossing it in, or just put it in raw? Thanks!

    • Rebecca says

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much! I sliced the zucchini then laid the slices on a cutting board and essentially “drew” the faces with the point of a sharp knife. Just like you stab into a pumpkin and start carving the eyes and mouth.. except much more delicately. Hope that makes sense.
      I prefer raw zucchini, but I bet it would be good partially cooked too. Fully cooked and it would be too squishy.

  2. Ian B says

    You might also be able to toss some red cabbage in with the noodles to get the purple color.

    I may have to try this for the kid lunches, although halloween is a little hard to find zucchini in season.

    • Rebecca says

      I was thinking about beets but cabbage might taste better. We’ve done squid ink pasta too, really neat!
      Cucumbers work too, for the Jack-o-faces.

  3. Gretchen says

    I lean towards getting veggie pasta, which comes in shades of green, orange, and occasionally red. :) Look forward to trying this in the upcoming months. The Winter version as well! :)


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