Glowing Bottle Halloween Craft

 How To Make A Glowing Bottle For Halloween

Tools: 1 jar or bottle
1 or 2 Glow Sticks

Step 1: Bend the glow sticks to activate
Step 2: Cut off the end and pour contents into jar/bottle
If you use the large glow sticks, bore a hole into the end with a sharp knife
Glowing Bottle Halloween Craft

Put top on and gently roll the bottle/jar to coat it with glowing goo.

Glowing Bottle Halloween Craft

Wait for night time and ENJOY your glowing bottle!
Glowing Bottle Halloween Craft


The glow goo is thin and runny so I decided to try something, and it totally worked!  Just did another bottle and this time I added about a tablespoon of cornstarch.  THIS time it looked more like I was hoping for!  Can’t wait to put these all over our front porch on Halloween Night!  SPOOKY!how to make a glowing bottle


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