Green Juice Popsicles!

Summer isn’t over, so it’s not too late to make healthy popsicles!  Bust out the juicer and load it with apples, carrots and other yummy things.


We ran out of the red, white and blue popsicles we made for Fourth Of July and my kids were begging for more popsicles.  They requested apple juice, so I put them to work prepping apples.

My boys cutting apples to juice them for healthy homemade popsicles

Next, they took turns feeding their apples into the juicer.


After the apples we juiced carrots and spinach, and just a little bit of ginger, so it would have that yummy flavor without being too spicy.

Making green juice for popsicles.  Juicing apples, carrots and spinach with a touch of ginger

We filled up our popsicle molds, and added sticks.

Juice popsicles made with apples, carrots, spinach and a touch of ginger.

Then placed them in the freezer and waited…

Taking time out with our favorite Yorkie Molly, waiting for the GREEN popsicles to freeze.  Made with apples, carrots, spinach, and nothing else

We hung out with our favorite Yorkie, Molly, while we waited for the popsicles to freeze.

Spending time with our favorite Yorkie, Molly, while we wait for the GREEN popsicles to freeze.  Veggie pops made with apples, carrots, and spinach.
 Then, we got to enjoy the deliciousness!

Healthy, homemade GREEN popsicles with apple, carrot and spinach


Recipe we used for these popsicles:

5 apples (gala, granny smith, and fuji… an assortment makes for tasty apple juice)

3 carrots

1 handful spinach

1/2″ – 1″ ginger rootgreen Popsicles




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