4 Recycled / Repurposed Costumes For A Green Halloween

Repurposing “Trash” To Make Halloween Costumes


Green halloween

Box Robots & Box Cars are pretty awesome,
but what about this cool BOX JET!?!

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I adore this Bat made from an old umbrella.


Soda Bottle Jet Pack!


And My Own Little Zombie


We repurposed a toddler tux, after our son was the ring bearer in a friend’s wedding.  It made an adorable zombie costume!  Got it dirty, tore some holes, made cute little spiders to stitch onto it.  We even cut the seam in the back and stitched it back together with very visible embroidery thread.. just like a real cadaver’s suit!  I figured we’d never use it again as a tux, but we got 2 Halloween’s use out of it as a costume, before passing it along to a friend.


Have a really happy and fun Halloween!

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