Safe Alternative To Oven Cleaner, Cleans Ovens And Cookware

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Easy Remedy For Scorched Cookware

Oh my gosh, this little duo has saved me from so much anxiety in my kitchen!  Before, a mess like this would only come sort-of clean.  I don’t have anything like oven cleaner in my house.  The smell and the fumes make me feel like I can’t breathe, and I don’t want unnecessary carcinogens around me or my kiddos.

After reading some posts in a Mommies Group on FB about Scour Off, I figured I had to try it.  People were using it on tile, tubs and even toilets.. but mostly for kitchen messes like to clean the oven and other baked on messes.  It works even better when paired with this little Miracle Scrubber Pad, and let’s just say I’m totally impressed.  I hardly had to rub this glass dish at all!

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Scour Off is part of a line of products called “Get Clean” from Shaklee.  Everything in that line is toxin-free and safe for use around children.  Here’s some of the good stuff about Get Clean:

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The best thing about the Get Clean products?  So concentrated a very little goes a long long long way.  That saves YOU money, and puts less packaging in land fills.

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