DIY Foaming Hand Soap For Only 11¢

I just made foaming hand soap for 11¢

By Rebecca Heriz

DIY Foaming Liquid Hand Soap For Only 11¢

3 Benefits of foaming soap over regular liquid:

Why use foaming hand soap instead of regular liquid soap?
1. Easier to rinse
2. More fun for kids (so they’ll actually wash their hands!)
3. More economical (big time!)

Foaming soap is more economical because you have to seriously dilute liquid soap in order to get it to work in a foaming soap dispenser.  Manufacturers of foaming soap are making a killing on the stuff, because it’s mostly water!  So, you can turn your regular liquid soap INTO foaming soap by diluting it and putting it in a foaming soap dispenser.  Or, better yet, you can make your own using Basic H2 Organic Cleaning Concentrate for only 11¢!

To use your regular liquid soap:  pour 1/8 cup of your fave liquid soap into a measuring cup.  There’s no line for 1/8th, so just guestimate.  Next, add really hot water to the made 1 cup.  I actually boil water then let it cool for a minute.  Gently stir to completely combine the soap and water.  When it cools enough pour it into a foaming soap dispenser.  You just got 7 times the amount of soap!!  Results may vary so add soap or water to make the right mix.  This is what worked for us.

Foaming Hand Soap For Only 11¢

To make foaming soap even cheaper, you can use an organic cleaning concentrate called Basic H2.  It’s made with corn and coconut and cleans practically everything.  Today, when our foaming hand soap got dumped down the bathroom sink, thanks to a curious 3 yr old, and I couldn’t find any regular liquid soap to make more… I thought “I’ll just use that concentrate” and it totally worked!   I didn’t even have to heat up water because it mixed in quickly with the water.

BasicH2 costs $10.35 for a 16 oz bottle.  That bottle makes 48 gallons of all purpose cleaner, just to give you an idea of how concentrated it is.  I used 1 teaspoon for an 8 oz foaming pump bottle and it was perfect.  1 teaspoon of BH2 costs me only 11¢.. how crazy is that?   And because of the coconut base, it’s not drying.  It’s actually a little moisturizing without being oily.   It’s similar to the liquid coconut soap we’ve used, from Tropical Traditions, which is literally one ingredient:  coconut oil, that’s been made soapy.


arthur washing hands the good one

 Check it out!  It’s totally thick and foamy and works great!


After I made the foaming hand soap, I was searching online to see if other people had done the same thing, and I found a recipe for baby wipes using BH2!  This is handy because with that recent baby wipe recall wouldn’t it be better to make your own?

  1. Cut a paper towel roll in half with a large serrated knife.  (You can get unbleached paper towels from Amazon or Whole Foods)
  2. Put half the roll in a large plastic zip bag or canister.  Old protein powder canisters are usually the perfect size.
  3. In a separate container combine 1/2 teaspoon Basic H2, 1 tbs baby massage oil, and a little less than a cup of water
  4. Pour mixture over the paper towels and allow to soak.  Turn the container upside down to fully penetrate.
  5. After several hours, pour out any excess.  Done!

There’s so many other you won’t have it just sitting unused in your house, waiting to make more hand soap.  I know people who use it to make laundry soap, mop floors, clean produce (no kidding!), cleaning stainless appliances and more.  I wouldn’t recommend getting something so concentrated that had only one possible use, you’d never use it all up!   It’s a fabulous degreaser, check it out in action HERE.
To get Basic H2 go to

Enjoy Life
Save your money
“Live Long and Prosper”
~ Rebecca

Rebecca Heriz Shaklee Independent Distributor

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