Difference Between Juicing And Blending

Ever wondered Green Juice vs Green Smoothies and which is better for YOU??

benefits of green juice vs green smoothies, which is better?

Some people assume that “Smoothies” are sweet, and anything that contains Kale is a “Juice”.  Not so.  You can absolutely make kale smoothies, and they can be sweet or not.

Difference between juicing and blending / smoothies
Beet and carrot juice, with lemon, celery and ginger.


Smoothies are blended, and not filtered.  You get all the fruit/veg fiber mixed in.  Thick, but easy to drink.  Smoothies will generally have a fair bit of water or other liquid added.


Juice is filtered.  The only fiber you get is what’s small enough to pass through the filter.  Very easy to drink.  No need to add water.


Benefits of Smoothies over Juice:

Juice is a really high carb load, and isn’t generally recommended for anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Diabetics really need the additional fiber too.  Fiber can help prevent glucose spikes.  Smoothies are ideal for weight loss, because of the fiber and the additional water added.   But think water displacement.  If you fill a tub of water with a bunch of rocks, the water rises.  It’s the same thing with the fiber in smoothies.  It’s not a bad thing, per say, but it does make smoothies less nutrient dense than juice.  juicing vegetables

Benefits of Juice of Smoothies:

You get more nutrients per glass with juice.  The plant fibers and added water in smoothies takes up a lot of space in your glass.  With a juice, you’re getting pure, undiluted nutrition.   Medical conditions where added nutrition is beneficial, think autoimmune disease or cancer, can benefit more from a glass of juice.

difference between juicing and blending
nom nom nom… cucumber, cilantro, celery, lemon, lime, ginger. Drank it so fast I forgot to take a picture!

So, really, it comes down to personal preference.

For me, with Multiple Sclerosis, and a cancer survivor, I prefer juice.  I prefer the smooth texture to thick smoothies too.  After a glass of green juice I feel invincible!  One serving can really be a powerhouse of nutrition!   I like green smoothies, but I don’t feel the same benefit, personally… and I’m not really a fan of thick shake-like drinks.

But, if you’re new to green drinks, then try the one that might suit you better.  If you know you have high glucose levels, definitely start with smoothies.  If you’re not a fan of shakes, and really need to boost nutrition, start with juice!

If you plan to start a juice cleanse, aka juice fast or juice detox, then you’ll need to add a fiber supplement.  Look for a psyllium husk supplement that doesn’t contain added flavors and colors.  You can also soak chia seeks overnight in a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.  Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega 3s and fiber.

belly fat buster recipe
Belly fat buster! Great for detoxing.

So come on folk, let’s get to juicing, or smoothie making, they are BOTH great for adding nutrition and veggies in your diet!

Heck, I even use our juicer to make our own lemonade, free from preservatives, dye and other weird chemicals!  Add strawberries or raspberries for pink lemonade.


I don’t have a recipe.  I do it to taste.  A few lemons, tons of water, and a turbinado sugar syrup (or dissolve organic unbleached sugar in boiling water).  Add more lemon/water/sugar to get the right flavor for your family.  Hold back on the sugar if you can.  Adding strawberries will help add natural sweetness.

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