Colored Sand – Art Project For Kids

There’s a couple more weeks of keeping kiddos busy before Back-To-School, so here’s a really fun, super easy, very cheap (and only a little messy) ART PROJECT!

 DIY Colored Sand 



You will need: at least 4 refillable squeeze bottles liquid food coloring clean play sand


Fill the bottles abt 3/4 full of play sand and add several (like 20-ish) drops of food coloring.  Use a different color for each bottle, or experiment with different colors.  Place a finger over the squeeze hole and shake, shake, shake, shake…  until the color is evenly distributed through the sand.  One of our bottles has a little cap so the boys got to help do some shaking.


Next, they filled small glass jars with layers of sand.  They thought it was really cool!



I topped off each jar using a spoon.. mostly because the 3 yr old decided to dump a bunch of sand into a bowl and play with it.  =)


Once they were done filling jars I let them take the rest of the sand, in the squeeze bottles, out to the front walk to “paint”.   That was fun, squeezing the sand out and writing with it and making designs.  I didn’t take pictures, I was having too much fun!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! xo Rebecca Cannon n me

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