Clean And Whiten Tile Grout Without Bleach

Whiten Tile Grout, and Sealer Safely, Without Bleach!

cleantilegroutIn the shower the other day, when I grabbed my bottle of shampoo, I noticed this….




The second I finished cleaning my body, I grabbed my towel and ran to the closet for peroxide and baking soda


I sprinkled some baking soda on the discolored silicone grout


poured on a small amount of peroxide, just enough to dampen the soda


Spread it around with a toothbrush and then let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinsed.


The peroxide kills mold, and removes stains and discoloration.

Next I tackled the tile floor grout.


All I did was sprinkle baking soda on the tile floor, sprayed with peroxide, and let sit overnight.  The next day before I showered, I brushed off the baking soda with a dry scrub brush and the tile looked awesome!


The baking soda helps keep the peroxide in place so that it can work.  I’ve tried plain peroxide and it just runs off, won’t stay put long enough to penetrate.
Keep peroxide in a spray bottle near your shower to make spritzing the baking soda easier, and also to help keep the silicone and grout free from mold in between necessary cleanings.  But when you do get moldy spots, you’ll need the baking soda too.
Light affects peroxide, so keep it in a dark spray bottle with UV protection like THIS amber glass one.

This really is minimal effort on your part…  All you do is sprinkle on the soda, spritz with peroxide and wait.  Just rinse the next time you get in the shower!

~ Rebecca


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