Bean Sea Turtle ~ Under The Sea Craft for Kids

Bean Sea Turtle Under the sea craft for kidsbean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

Under The Sea Craft for Kids :  Bean Sea Turtle

I did this craft for a summer art camp, with an Under the Sea theme.  The campers were ages 4-6, and I had a group of 9 kiddos.  This was a lot of fun.  I loved watching how the kids applied their beans.  Some children applied very few beans, like maybe 9 beans.  Only one child dumped tons of beans, then gently shook off the excess after the glue dried.

Because they were quite young, I precut the turtles and circles for them, but if my campers were age 6 and up, I would have had them do their own tracing and cutting.  Depending on the age and skill level of your child(ren), you may want to help them, or let them get some practice with their tracing and cutting skills.

bean turtle


What you will need:

  • Green card stock, or construction paper (heavier paper is better)
  • Assorted dry beans
  • Glue (Elmer’s or Tacky  work well, and dry clear.)
  • Cardboard (Empty cereal boxes are perfect for this craft)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Turtle Template
    (click HERE for printable turtle template)
  • Black marker or google eyes (optional)




Start by printing, then cutting out the turtle from my template.  Or draw your own.

bean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

Then trace the turtle shape onto green paper.  If you have multiple children making this craft, trace the template onto thin cardboard (like an empty cereal box) to make a durable/reusable template.

I always save our cereal / cookie / cracker boxes for making templates.  The cardboard is thin, and easy to cut, but durable enough to use multiple times.

bean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

Use a cereal (or similar) box to make a strong circle to hold the beans for your turtle.

bean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

I used a large yogurt container to trace my circles.


cardboard circle on turtle
Next, attach the circle to the turtle with glue, printed side down so the brown side shows.
Then apply plenty of glue to the cardboard, and spread it around to cover the circle (I used my fingers to spread the glue, but a plastic spoon works well too.)

bean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

Start arranging the beans onto the sticky cardboard circle and cover as much as desired.  Add eyes if desired, with marker or little googly eyes.

bean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

Once the glue dries, it’s a great sensory experience for Littles to rub their hands over the turtle’s “shell”.

bean sea turtle under the sea crafts for kids

This craft was inspired by a similar craft on, where a paper plate and small rocks were used.

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~ Rebecca

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