A Really Happy Meal

Today for lunch I decided to make the boys something special… FACES!  They are such HAPPY Faces I thought “now this is a REAL Happy Meal “!  Get it?  They are actually HAPPY! =)

A Healthier Happy Meal

Cauliflower Hair, Blueberry Eyes and Ears, A Cheese Nose, Salami and Cheese Mouth (with toothpicks.. EXTRA fun for kids) and Carrots To Frame The Face.  Broccoli Hair and Cauliflower Ears would be an awesome variation.


No surprise, the boys LOVED their Happy Plates


The 5 yr old, my little artist, made this with his toothpicks and carrots!  Love it!

Then, true to form and living completely up to expectation, the 2 yr old turned a carrot and 2 toothpicks into a gun and promptly shot the horse.  I couldn’t get a picture because it all happened so fast and then total craziness broke out in my house and I had to stop the boys from running with toothpicks.  It’s just another typical day in my life.

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