6 Ocean Crafts For Kids

6 Ocean Themed Crafts For Kids

Here’s a collection of the craft projects we did this summer at KidSPOT, a community funded FREE art program for kids in Kent County, Maryland.  I get to come up with the projects each week.

vibrant underwater kelp forest Anacapa island California

Styrofoam Crabs

Styrofoam Crabs - summer art project for kids

Trim a styrofoam cup to make it short.

Apply a very thin coat of red paint to the cup.  If the paint is thick, it will peel off as it dries.  It should be thin enough to see the cup through it.

Cut pipe cleaners into pieces for claws, legs and eyes.  The ones for the eyes will be much shorter than the leg ones.

Crab art project for kids

Insert pipe cleaners into the painted cup.  The eye ones should stick up.

Glue goggly eyes onto the eye pipe cleaners.



3D Fish Bowl


Select bottle caps for fish

Cut fins from scraps of paper

Draw an eye on the bottle cap

Glue fins and caps to a paper plate, to create the fish.

Add green rik rak seaweed with glue

Add seeds or small rocks

OPTIONAL:  trim the top of the “bowl” to make it flat, like a real fish bowl.  I didn’t do this step because I was worried I wouldn’t like it very much.   If you try it, please post a photo on the KidSPOT Facebook Page.  I would LOVE to see it!



Recycled JellyFish

jellyfish blog

Items needed:

Bottom of a plastic bottle

Strips of plastic bags from the grocery store


String for hanging

Making jelly fish with plastic grocery bags and water bottles



Cut bags into thin strips and spirals.  I cut circles a little smaller than my palm, then cut them into spirals.  The contrast between the straight strips and spirals is really nice!

Stick bag strips inside the bottom of the water bottle with clear or blue glitter glue.  (White glue may dry looking cloudy)

Apply a hanging string to the top of the jelly fish with regular glue or a glue gun



The photos don’t do this project justice.  I took a bunch, in different lighting, and in front of different backgrounds, and they just don’t look near as cute as it looks in real life.  This project is well worth doing!




Toilet Paper Tube Octopus

 Octopus craft for kids photo 1 copy


Make 8 cuts from one end of the tube to the center to make the octopus legs.

Paint your octopus any color you like (the thinner the paint, the quicker it will dry)

While the paint is drying, pick out some sequins to decorate the legs.

Add beads of glue and decorate your awesome octopus!



Paper Plate Fish with Celery Painted Scales

paper plate fish


Fish Stick Puppet


You will need:
Card Stock or construction paper
Googly Eyes
Popsicle Stick

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