Knowing My Limits While Living With MS

blog postKnowing my limits was one of the toughest battles for me, when I first got multiple sclerosis. I’d overdo it, then the next day (even up to a week or more!) I’d be bedridden with fatigue and pain. The biggest problem was, I didn’t even know when I’d overdone it until it was too late!

It’s been nearly 17 years now, and I’ve got a pretty good handle on not pushing myself too hard. It’s difficult, especially this time of year when everyone is determined to lose weight and work out a little bit harder, including me… but I’ve gotten really good at managing my energy output. I know that if I’ve got a busy day planned of errands then unloading groceries I probably shouldn’t do an hour of cardio that morning.

So, the pictures… I’ll explain =)
Our house was built in 1830. We hired contractors to gut it and make it livable, and now we’re doing all the finishing work ourselves. Painting is something I LOVE to do… but it takes a lot out of me. Our friends probably think we’re crazy because the scaffolding lives in the kitchen right now and it’s been there for a few weeks. I can’t paint every day. I just can’t. It’s not worth it! Sometimes regular life takes priority, and I can’t get to painting that day, and it’s more important to me to be able to get up out of bed the next day, and be a mother to my kids, than to rush and finish painting the kitchen. I think it’s SOOOO important that we listen to our bodies, so that there’s still great quality of life, even if there’s a scaffold living in the kitchen! So my advice is, don’t push yourself too hard. Push yourself. Have goals. But don’t put unreasonable demands on yourself. It’s just not worth it. You can’t serve from an empty vessel.. right?

Well last night I had a burst of energy, so I finally climbed up onto the scaffold to paint. I’d been using a ladder up until last night. I’ve been TERRIFIED of the scaffold! I have balance issues still. Not too bad, but enough to make me nervous up there. Last night was the first time I stood up there. And not only did I stand, but I painted with the roller! I can’t believe how high up I was! It was great, until I realized the wall was wet and there was nothing for me to grab if I started to feel unstable. EEK! But I did ok smile emoticon

I was already warm from painting, and it’s warmer up there too… and there’s a vent up there that was blowing hot air at me too! I get overheated with the MS. I hate summer and love winter and last night I started sweating up there. So I climbed down and got right down onto the cold cold floor. It felt so good! Then I looked up, and saw how high I was.. without a guard rail or anything! Proud I’d done it, and still a little freaked out from the experience, I’ve told hubby I’m not doing it again without a guard rail or something! So I guess the scaffold will live in the kitchen a little while longer until he alters it for me. It’s ok, the boys LOVE it! It’s like a jungle gym for them in there! I keep saying we should put a slide on it!

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