#22Pushups Challenge: Raise Awareness Of Veteran Suicide

#22PushUps challenge
In 2012 the VA released a report, showing that an average of 22 Veteran lives are lost every day to suicide.

I would like to help raise awareness of just how serious the ramifications of PTSD are among the military community.

Join me, starting Monday August 1st, for a 22 day challenge to help raise awareness of Veteran suicide and the #22Kill movement.

#22pushups Challenge raise awareness PTSD Veteran Suicide

22 Day #22Pushups Challenge

Beginning Monday, August 1st, I challenge you (and me) to 22 days of 22 push-ups or 22 squats, to raise awareness of the staggering statistic of 22 Veteran lives lost every day to suicide.

Most people participating are doing push-ups, but if unable to do push-ups squats are a great substitute.

When you accept this challenge, you should post on your own social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, IG etc) each day, showing the day of the challenge, and that you completed your push-ups or squats.  Include the hashtags #22pushups and #22kill.
I have set up an accountability group for private postings and daily motivation.
If you can not accept the challenge, you can donate $22 instead, to the #22Kill movement.  Details for donating are at the bottom of this post.

Join the Challenge, get daily motivation and more HERE

This challenge does not cost any money, only your time and commitment to raising awareness.  And there’s the side benefit of a little fitness and accountability check-ins.

Let’s get more people involved!  Challenge your friends, and share this post!



What is #22KILL?

Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. (HCC) started the #22Kill movement after learning that 22 US Veterans are killed by suicide… Every. Single Day.  Their goal is to raise awareness and educate the general public about this issue.

Why is it called #22KILL?

In 2012, the VA released a Suicide Data Report that an average of 22 veterans are “KILLED By Suicide” (KBS) everyday.  The name “22KILL” is meant to grab people’s attention, because our primary mission begins with raising awareness to the issue. Suicide prevention is a very difficult task to undertake, especially when the general public is unaware of the issue in the first place.

Information from 22kill.com

 Donate to #22Kill HERE

Learn more about #22Kill and HCC, Inc.  HERE

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