12 Signs Of Breast Cancer You NEED To Know

Signs of breast cancer
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
And 1 in 1,000 men.

If you don’t know anyone who has been diagnosed with it, you will… and I hate to tell you this, but it could be you.

Limiting risk is a great thing to do, but it’s not 100% effective.  I had a clean diet.  I’d already detoxed the house (changed personal care and cleaning products).  I have no family history.  I breast fed both my babies, well past the 12 month mark.  I was very low risk, but still got it!  My point being, even if you feel you’re low risk, you STILL NEED TO CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

Knowing your breasts is your best defense against advanced breast cancer.  Early detection is the key to survival.  You NEED to be familiar with your breasts, in order to properly detect any changes that may be a sign of breast cancer.

It’s not just lumps you’re looking for.

Here are 12 signs of breast cancer that should not be ignored:

Know your lemons. 12 signs of breast cancer you NEED to know
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  1. Hardening
    Know your breasts well enough to detect any unusual hardening of the skin or breast tissue.
  2. Indentation
    Be aware of any indentation that appears on your breasts.  
  3. Skin Erosion
    The texture of the skin on your breasts shouldn’t change, so be vigilant.
  4. Redness Or Heat
    Look out for any new redness and feel for any unusual heat.
  5. New Fluid
    Get any new breast leakage or discharge checked out.
  6. Dimpling
    Report any changes in skin texture to your Doctor.
  7. Bump
    The appearance of ANY lump or bump needs to be investigated.
  8. Growing Vein
    If you notice a vein growing, get in to see your physician.
  9. Nipple Retraction
    Look for any “pulling back” of the nipple into the breast.
  10. New Asymmetry
    Asymmetry between breasts is very normal, but if one suddenly changes get it checked out ASAP
  11. Orange Peel Skin
    This is another description of a texture change.  A change in texture is often an early warning sign of a small tumor.  Sometimes they are so small they aren’t detected with a mammogram.  If you know there is a change in the texture of the skin on your breasts, insist on another test with either thermogram or MRI.
  12. Invisible Lump
    Unlike number 7, this is a lump or bump that can’t be seen, but can be felt.  A cancerous lump is most often a small hard bump, like a lemon seed or a frozen pea.  They are not always like that though, so please pay attention to ALL of these warning signs!

Ladies, this is important, so please watch this and pay attention!
I’m at the oncologist and thought of something really important to share.

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